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About Singles50:



  • The ability to create your own profile and upload photos
  • Allow you to message other members
  • Can see what your friends are up to on the app


  • Most activities require a premium subscription

Singles50 NZ is a dating site that caters to singles over 50, offering them a space where they can connect with other singles who share their interests and values. The site has a mission of helping people find love, but it also offers features that make it easy for those over 50 to meet new friends or find someone who shares their values in an age-appropriate way.

Singles50 dating has a large number of users, which means there are plenty of potential matches for anyone looking for love or friendship. This makes it very easy for people looking for long-term relationships or friendships to find someone who shares their interests and values.

The site is very easy to navigate, and there’s a lot of information about each person on their profile page. You can see their interests, goals and hobbies, favorite movies, books, and music artists they listen to most often–all this information helps you get to know them better before even talking to them.

Who is the Singles50 dating site for?

The Singles50 dating site is for anyone who wants to find love online. It’s not just for people who are looking for casual sex or hookups, but also for those who want to meet someone with whom they can have a long-term relationship. If you want to make friends in your area with similar interests and values as yourself, then maybe Singles50 could be the place for you!

The site is designed to help singles find their perfect match by matching them with other like-minded individuals. Users can create profiles, upload pictures, and browse through hundreds of matches every day!

The site helps people find love in New Zealand. It has grown over the years and now offers users access to a variety of features including mobile apps and live chat sessions where you can get personalized advice from real-life experts on how best to approach your search for romance from start to finish!

What Can You Do with Singles50 for Free?

Singles50 is a dating service that helps you find like-minded people in your area. You can browse profiles and chat with singles locally, or if you want to expand your search, you can sign up for a premium membership for a limited number of matches per day.

As a single person looking for love, the most important thing is to find someone who shares your interests, but also someone who doesn’t have unrealistic expectations. You want to make sure they’re willing to date you because they get along well with you—not because they have no other options. This is where Singles50 comes in handy; it allows people in your area to connect with each other without having to travel too far away from home. You can also see what kind of people are on the site before signing up so that you know if this is something worth exploring further.

Singles50 allows users to chat with each other in real time and view limited profiles of singles nearby who are interested in dating or marriage. The site has both male and female profiles available for members to browse through, so there’s no need for gender bias on their part! If you’re looking for something more serious than casual dating, Singles50 might be just for you. However, if you want to enjoy further your online dating experience without limiting the features you can use, subscribing to a premium might be well fit for you to find your potential partner.

Singles50 Premium Subscriptions

Singles50 is a dating site that connects singles in their 40s and 50s with a niche match. The site’s algorithm uses your age, location, and personality traits to find you the best match for your needs. It’s not just about finding love or companionship; it’s also about finding someone who can help you grow as an individual and achieve your goals.

Singles50 is a premium subscription service that allows you to find your match in the most efficient way possible. With Singles50, you can search for other members of your age range who want to meet new people in similar ways as you do. 

The advantage is that you get access to more features on the app, including being able to send group messages, add friends from your phone book, and get access to some cool features like “random date” mode.

The second benefit is that you get access to premium features like seeing who viewed your profile before you did, seeing who viewed your profile two hours ago, and seeing who viewed your profile last week. These can be really helpful when you’re trying to decide whether or not someone is worth messaging—you’ll get a better idea of how much time they’ve spent looking at your profile before sending them a message!

The other Premium subscription service at Singles50 offers a number of benefits to its users:

  • The ability to see when you’re being matched with a potential partner before they see it themselves
  • The ability to search through other people’s profiles and see how they’re interacting with each other
  • The opportunity to engage in conversations with others on the site

How do Singles50 dating app and site work?

Singles50 is a dating app and matching site that was created to help people find love in their city. The company has been around for years now, and it’s still going strong.

The single50 app itself is free to download, but users have to pay if they want to use premium features like unlimited messaging and the ability to send photos. The site offers users access to its database of profiles from all over the country, though it doesn’t offer any sort of search function or other advanced features–just basic browsing options like swiping left or right on photos.

Users can find other singles based on interests, location, age range, race/ethnicity/religion/sexual orientation/disability status, or body type. They can also filter by location using filters like “near me” or “near my hometown.” Once they’ve found someone they’re interested in talking to (or even just hanging out with) they can send them messages until they feel comfortable enough.

Singles50: Signup Process

Singles50 is a website that allows users to sign up and connect with other people who are looking for love. They have a very easy sign-up process and they have a lot of options available. You can browse their profiles, send messages, start conversations, and arrange dates.

The process was incredibly easy. It took less than five minutes to go through the sign-up process and start chatting with members. Singles50 has a ton of information about its members, including their age, location, and interests—which is great for finding out if someone is compatible with you before you get too far into talking with them.

  1. First, you’ll need to complete a Profile form.
  1. After your profile is submitted, you’ll be asked to answer a few questions about yourself and what you’re looking for in a mate.
  1. Once your profile is approved and ready to go, you’ll be able to start browsing profiles!

The website offers many different types of services such as matchmaking events, speed dating events, dating events, and online dating events. This means that there is something for everyone on this website!

Singles50 Pricing

Singles50 is a great service for singles looking to date and connect with other singles around the world. Their pricing is on point and their site is easy to use. We would definitely recommend this site to anyone who wants to meet new people!

The site’s pricing structure is simple and straightforward. There’s a free membership tier, which gives you access to all of the basic features like message boards, profiles, and connecting with others on the site; then there are paid options for both individual and couple accounts.

Premium Plans:


3 months
6 months
12 months

AU$ 89.95 per month
AU$ 49.95 per month
AU$ 39.95 per month

If you’re looking for a way to meet other singles around your age or just want some extra tools for keeping tabs on your relationship with your partner(s), maybe it’s time to give this site a try!

Singles50 Reviews: Member Diversity and Quality

Singles50 is a community that caters to singles over 50. We know the importance of finding your true soulmate and Singles50 wants to help you achieve that goal and is dedicated to helping members find their perfect match. Singles50 offers one of the best matching algorithms in the industry, developed by their research team. The website is also designed with you in mind, so you can feel at home even if you’re not sure about dating after 50. 

  • Members who are 50+
  • Someone who are looking for someone to spend their golden years with
  • Members who have been married before and want to make it work again
  • Looking to meet someone new 
  • Members interested in finding love through online dating sites
  • A large number of compatible matches from around the world
  • User profiles with photos and bios
  • A variety of filters and search options
  • An intuitive interface that makes it easy for anyone to find their perfect partner!

Singles50 is a dating site that focuses on the members, not just their profiles. We believe in the importance of creating a safe, welcoming community where singles can come together and find love. We have a strict code of conduct, a strict no-tolerance policy for harassment, and an unwavering commitment to protecting our members’ privacy and safety.

Singles50 App 

If you’re looking for a dating app that’s focused on helping you find love rather than merely getting laid, Singles50 is the answer.

This app is pretty much the only one of its kind in the market—so if you’re looking for a place where you can meet new people, there are a few better options than Singles50. The app has been around for quite some time now, so it’s got plenty of experience under its belt and knows what it does well: helping singles connect with each other.

Singles50 is easy to use. You simply create an account, upload a profile picture, and then start browsing the profiles of members who are interested in chatting with you. You can also use their messaging system to chat with people directly if they seem interesting enough (and not just too obvious).

The interface is clean and simple—there aren’t any extra bells and whistles or unnecessary features that get in the way of your browsing experience. The whole thing comes together in a way that makes it intuitively clear how to use the app. 

How to Find Best Matches on Singles50?

It can be hard to find the right person, especially if you’re not sure where to start. When you’re looking for someone to share your life with, it’s important to do your research. Finding the right match on Singles50 can be an overwhelming task. We’ve got tips that’ll help you find your perfect match, and we hope you enjoy them!

  1. Use our features to help narrow your search! Take advantage of our filters and tools to get a better understanding of who you might want to date.
  1. If you’re still feeling stuck, check out our helpful guides to help you find the person who’s perfect for you.
  1. Once you’ve narrowed down your options and found someone who looks promising, click on their profile and send them a message! We know it can be nerve-wracking to send the first message—but if it’s worth it, then don’t worry about it!

Singles50: Safety and Security

Singles50 is a great dating site that caters specifically to singles over 50. The site has everything you could possibly want in a dating app, including several features that are unique to this site. One of the main reasons Singles50 has been so well-received is its safety and security features. This is something that many other dating sites do not offer, which makes it stand out from the crowd.

The Singles50 Safety and Security system is a great option for singles. It offers the standard safety features of other dating apps, including safety check-ins and GPS tracking, but it also includes a suite of other features that are specifically designed to make your life easier.

You can also report any suspicious behavior you see or receive from other parties who may be using the app—especially if you’re interested in getting to know someone more closely, you’ll want to report anything that seems sketchy.

Serious Relationships in Singles50

We’re all about serious relationships.

So what’s so great about singles50? It’s simple: they’ve been around for a long time and have a lot of experience in helping people find their soulmates. We know how hard it can be to find someone who understands your needs, wants the same things as you, and is willing to put in the time and effort to make it happen.

And we know that sometimes, just because you want to be with someone doesn’t mean that person is going to want to be with you… or even be interested in dating at all! That’s why Singles50 work so hard on matching people up based on compatibility and lifestyle preferences—so they can find someone they share similar interests with and make their relationship last.

Singles50 is the ideal dating site for older singles. This dating site has a huge database of members, and it offers features that make it easy to meet other singles who are over 50 years old. Overall, Singles50 is indeed a trustworthy, reliable dating service for people in their 50s who want to start dating people online. Join today if you are looking for love in your 50s. 

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The Singles50 Dating Site is the best place to find love. The site was created to help singles find each other and to introduce them to like-minded people, who are interested in dating.

Singles50 Dating is a great way to meet someone new, but it’s also a great way to stay in touch with old friends or even meet new ones! It’s not just about meeting your soul mate—it’s about finding someone who makes you laugh and feel good about yourself.

With Singles50, you’ll be able to find someone who really understands what you’re going through; someone who will listen without judging or making assumptions; someone who will encourage you without trying too hard; someone who will be there when things get tough without being overbearing; and someone who can carry on a conversation with you even if he doesn’t know everything about your life story yet.

All of these things are important when looking for love because it’s about more than just finding someone who wants to date (or marry) you: It’s about finding the right person for you!

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