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About C-Date:

C-Date Review

C-Date – Perfect Platform for Casual Dating


  • Enjoy something classier than most sites have to offer!
  • Women get in for free!
  • Maintain your anonymity with C-date’s security features
  • Well laid out and easy to use


  • Pay subscription for more features. It’s worth investing in.

C-Date is indeed a dating platform for those who are looking for a partner.. This  is a casual dating site that allows you to easily interact with like-minded people for chatting, flirting, as well as other activities. The registration is simple and free, and you can start chatting practically immediately. C-Date has been in service since 2008 and now has over 36 million registered users in 35 countries.

This site is the leading choice for New Zealanders seeking for a more sophisticated way of setting up dates online. You can indicate your sexual preferences in a variety of ways to ensure that you encounter like-minded people on the service. C-Date was named #1 dating site in New Zealand only a year after its launch. The site now has a global presence, with over 25,000 users signing up every day! C-Date NZ has everything you’re searching for, whether it’s simply flirting messages, a single hookup, a friend with benefits, or something more.

We created an account to take a look around and see what it’s all about so we could give you the scoop on C-Date NZ. Do you want to know if you should join as well? Find out by reading our C-Date review.

Who Is Using the C-date Platform?

Members of C-Date are very active users. Just like your matches list, you’ll always see a big list of online users. Members will send you a message and will not be shy.

Contact proposals are great ways to get started, you don’t have to wait long because members will come out to you. They’re gregarious and know what they’re doing.

You will never run out of matches to explore with over 36 million people globally and up to 25,000 new signups every day. Many of the members are serious about hookups and meets. Surprisingly, the vast majority of the members are thought to be professionals and business owners.

Login and Signup

It’s incredibly simple to sign up, and you don’t even have to give your entire name.   All you need is your email address and a nickname, as well as whether you’re searching for someone. After that, double-check your email address and begin filling out your profile! This phase is likewise simple and straightforward, requiring only the selection of selections from roughly ten drop-down menus.

You’ll be asked about your personal features, occupation, and what you’re searching for in a partner, but you may leave most of these questions blank if you don’t want to answer or don’t have a preference. Filling in your erotic tastes with the My Erotic Type option, which we’ll look at more closely later, is the most enjoyable aspect.

C-Date matches you with other individuals based on your details, tastes, and location, and makes recommendations for members who are looking for similar things. Since the frontpage is aimed at enticing new users to join up, the C-Date login button isn’t instantly visible when you return to login. You won’t have to scroll to find it because it’s in the top right-hand corner.

Free and Paid Subscriptions

The initial sign-up process on C-Date is free, and you can start browsing other people’s profiles within minutes after completing it. Furthermore, there is no charge to create your own profile, and you will not be charged for receiving contact offers or messages.

However, you’ll need to pay up for a subscription to view those messages and submit your own. Therefore, you won’t be able to see entire profiles on the free services. You’ll be able to see them all once you’ve signed up for a membership package, and you’ll be able to start hooking up, chatting, and sharing photos.

C-Date Special Features

The site includes useful features that will help you get the most out of your online experience. You may use some of the particular features to give your discreet partner search that little extra edge, keeping with the casual dating idea. These are some of them:

My Erotic Type

By picking up to five suggestive photos from a selection of thumbnails, you can let other users know what your sexual interests are. Displaying these on your profile makes it easier to locate individuals who share your interests.

‘Ask Me Directly.’

Subscribed members can supply as little information about themselves as they like to maintain their anonymity. There’s a ‘Ask Me Personally’ feature if you don’t want to reveal everything, such as your smoking habits or whether you have tattoos.

The navigation bar 

The basic navigation bar is part of what makes C-Date so user-friendly. Three key components are offered to you: mailbox, contacts, and costs. There are widgets on the right-hand side that allow you to examine your profile, browse potential matches, and check who has looked at your profile.

Search criteria. 

This is extremely helpful for anyone looking for a discreet encounter. There’s also the option to indicate the sexual interests you want a possible match to share, in addition to the conventional criteria like attractiveness and location.

How to Pay for a Subscription?

Users have a selection of payment choices, but many people like the fact that the invoicing is considered confidential. C-Date assists its customers in maintaining their privacy by removing all references to the website from any issued bills.

Payments can be made with debit or credit cards, online bank transfers, or a direct debit. If you desire to cancel your subscription, you must do so at least 14 days before the end of your current subscription period.

Users-friendliness & C-date App

User-friendliness was high on our list of factors when we chose to do our C-Date review. Fortunately, the site is one of the simplest we’ve seen, owing to a pared-down homepage. The navigation bar has everything you need, and it quickly becomes second nature.

With the C-date dating app, browsing other users’ profiles is as simple as clicking on their photo. Sending and receiving messages is simple if you know how to use email. Similarly, the filters are simple to use and will help you quickly narrow down your search settings.

Both Android and iOS are supported by the mobile app. It’s simple to switch between other users’ profiles, and chatting is just as simple as it is on the desktop site. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to utilize the site or its features, C-Date has a YouTube channel with video lessons. There’s also a detailed FAQ section with answers to any issues you might have.

How Safe and Secured is C-date? 

It is not unique to C-Date. In addition to profiles, C-Date performs a manual photo check on all members, ensuring that the accounts you connect with are genuine. However, C-date guarantees that you are safe and feel secure with this dating platform, giving you the best dating experience.

The best way to keep secure online is to become familiar with common spam and report them immediately. Everyone cares about data security, and C-Date makes it simple to find out what they’re doing with your information. If you scroll to the bottom of any page, you’ll see a banner with a Data Protection option.

All of your data, including your C-Date login credentials, is encrypted using 128-bit SSL. This will ensure your anonymity while also protecting you from fraud and identity theft.

They also have a Help option, which is more of a FAQ than anything else. In any case, it’s quite beneficial! If this C-Date review didn’t answer your question, the Help menu will almost definitely have the answer. If the Help menu does not provide the information you require, you can contact their customer care department, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The customer service email address can be found under the Help menu. Customer service is nice and helpful, and they will respond immediately if you have any questions or need additional assistance. However, the site is so user-friendly that you rarely need them.

C-date NZ: User’s Best Dating Experience

C-date NZ provides its users with a fun and exciting experience. It’s simple to begin contacting possible partners. You can  start flirting right away, and from there, you can go down any path you like.  C-date is the place to go if you want to do everything from play erotic games to speak with other singles and share your desires.  To assist you break the ice with other users, C-date will ask you “the question of the day.”

C-date is a location-based dating site, which means it will provide you daily matches based on your location, allowing you to favorite or like the one who most appeals to you.  It’s crucial to remember, though, that a Premium membership is required to fully access the chat functions.

C-date New Zealand is a great option for singles who are looking for more than just romance. A fun community where you can meet new people, talk about your desires, and get to know one other. In C-date, there are no taboos. You can chat about and discuss any topic that interests you, and you’ll quickly see how active and responsive the community is.

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